Metal Jacketed Gaskets

An economical seal for where sealing faces are narrow and it can be produced in a variety of shapes. It is used for heat flanges, exhaust gases, narrow flanges. RSS jacketed gaskets are made of a thin metallic outer shell that contains a resilient filler material. The metal casing protects the filler and is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion.


  • Economical
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Suitable for high temperature
  • Suitable for narrow flanges
  • Good blow-out resistance

Material available

Jacketed material:

Carbon steel, soft iron, SS304, SS316, 316L, SS321, SS410, brass, copper, inconel

Filler material:

non-asbestos, graphite, PTFE etc.,


There are many different styles of jacketed gaskets available. The following is a selection of the most commonly used styles.

  • Single Jacket: The most basic form of jacketed gasket, with coverage on one face and both edges.
  • Single Jacket with Overlap: Where full coverage is needed and flange is narrow relative to gasket ID.
  • Double Jacket: Where full coverage is needed and flange is wide relative to gasket ID.
  • Double Jacket with Double Shell: Stronger and more rigid than double jacket gasket.
  • Double Gasket Corrugated: Corrugations create a labyrinth seal across the gasket face.
Single Jacket
Single Jacket with Overlap
Double Jacket
Double Jacket with Double Shell
Double Gasket Corrugated