Graphite Gaskets (Pure, SS tanged , wire mesh, metal)

Graphite gaskets are cut from pure graphite sheet or graphite sheet with metal reinforcement, features excellent corrosion-resistance, high-and-low temperature resistance, good compression resilient and high internsity it can be used as sealing elements of pipe, valve, pump, pressure vessel, heat exchanger and condenser, etc.

Typical Service Fluids :

High temperature & pressure steam, hot water, gases, heat midium, hydrocarbon, organic solvents, acids, alkalis(PH0-14),LPG, LNG, liquefied oxgen, nitrogen and hydrogen etc.

  • Plain- GP 001
  • With Foil insert - GF 003
  • With Wire mesh - GM 004
  • With Tanged steel Insert- GT 005
  • Graphite tape for Flange Joints ( plain/ without Adhesive) – GS- 002

Temperature: -200ºC to +550ºC (In oxidizing media)

Max. pressure: 140bar

Compressibility: 30-40%

Recovery : >15%

Ace Alpha - GP 001 Plain Graphite sheets

Ace Alpha Flexible graphite roll (sheet) is made from flake graphite with high carbon content which is gone through chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then rolling.It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good elasticity, and is the basic material for making all kinds of reinforced graphite sheets, graphite tapes, packing and sealing gaskets.

Working temperature-200~650ºC(in air),-200~3000ºC(in non-oxidizing media).

Ace Alpha - GS 002 Graphite tape for Flange Joints (plain/without Adhesive)

Ace alpha – GS 002 self-adhesive graphite tape is provided in a unique dispenser that allows for easy field access and prevents waste associated with loose rolls. Furnished with a strong self-adhesive backing strip to facilitate installation as a form-in-place gasket.

GS 002 is used in Heat exchangers, reactors, pumps, valves, bonnets & for various service conditions.

Ace Alpha - GF 003 Graphite Sheet with SS Foil Insert

Ace alpha – GF 003 is a gasket material with excellent strength and creep resistance, chemical stability and a high tightness rate. Because of a stainless-steel insertion it is easier for handling and installation compared to the non-reinforced. GF 003 is suitable for wide range of applications especially for higher operating pressures like in gas supply.

Ace Alpha - GM 004 Flexible Graphite Sheet with metal mesh inserted

Ace alpha - GM 004 is a gasket material is made from flexible graphite sheet reinforced with a single insertion of metal mesh.

Reinforced Graphite composite Sheet is used frequently in flange connections for piping and machinery. Its wide temperature range and excellent stress retention make it extremely suitable for use in steam systems, in the chemical and petrochemical industries, processing industry, etc.

Ace Alpha - GT 005 Flexible Graphite Sheet with tanged 0.1mm SS316 inserted

Ace alpha – GT 005 is a gasket material made from flexible graphite sheet reinforced with a single insertion of tanged 0.10 mm thick 316 stainless steel. GT-003 is used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, at high surface loads or high operating pressures. This type of material features has very good strength and creep resistance, chemical stability and high tightness.

Available Sheet Size:

Length: 1500mm; 1000mm; 500mm

Width: 1500mm; 1000mm; 500mm

Available Thickness: 0.5 mm to 5.0mm

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